twicon Well, hello there, you. Welcome to the Positiverse (Positive Universe. I know it is a stretch). We’re the Optimistocrats, and we want to bring you (yes, YOU!) good, positive news.

You know that thing where you’re scrolling through your twitter or facebook timeline and you think, “Man, all of this news is fucking awful! People are terrible! I wish someone would bring me good news!”? We know how that feels. So, we thought, “hey, why don’t we dig around the interwebz for good news, and tell people about it!” and so, that’s what this is.

Despite what the cable news assholes tell you, every damn day, things aren’t terrible. Some people still are, and probably always will be, but things aren’t terrible so much. Also, bathing in terrible news has bad side-effects on one’s physical and psychological self. Let’s not do that to ourselves.

There may be a thing or issue that comes up that We think is positive, that others do not. If that ever comes up, feel free to email us. You can also find us on twitter (so please follow us!).

So, fellow Optimistocrats, let’s do this. Let’s bring Positivity and Optimism and Love out into the open.


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