Friends Don’t Let Friends Live on the Street

Courtesy Elvis Summers via ABC News

Courtesy Elvis Summers via ABC News

I love when people are kind to other people because being kind to other people is a good thing. Take Elvis Summers from Los Angeles for example; he built a lady a house. A tiny, adorable house. He built it for Irene “Smoky” McGee.

McGee told ABC News that she has been living on the streets since her husband died in 2004 and she didn’t have the money to keep the home she once had.

Summers, 38, became friends with McGee after she began asking him to donate his recyclables for her to cash in.

Instead of being a dick, and treating a fellow human as something less than, Summers engaged;

“I started asking more questions about her to see what her story was,” he said. “I learned she didn’t have anything, not even a cardboard box. She was literally sleeping in the dirt and I just wanted to make her a place where she could feel comfortable and at least get a good night’s sleep.

And so, he went to a store that sells things you build other things with, and he built her a goddamn house. A tiny, adorable house. He has reasons;

“We are all human,” Summers said. “It could be somebody’s sister, grandmother, or somebody’s kids out there.”

Summers did a great thing. A wonderful thing. He could have rested knowing he did a great, wonderful thing. But;

Since building shelter for McGee, Summers has crowdsourced over $50,000 for “Starting Human,” the organization he created after his kind gesture.

He hopes to work with local officials to continue building temporary houses for other people in the area who are homeless.

Awesome. The World needs more Elvis’ (Elvii?).

[you can see build videos and stuff at youtube, and see more pics at the ABC site.]


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