New way to make a baby


Natasha and Omar Rajani tried to have a baby for four years unsuccessfully, and now they have their son, Zain, the first child conceived using Augment IVF.

Here’s how the science works: Mitochondria, the batteries that fuel cell growth, are taken from immature egg cells found within the lining of a woman’s own ovaries. Those mitochondria are combined with sperm and added to a woman’s mature egg, recharging the egg’s existing batteries to fuel embryo growth.

This method is not available in the US yet, still having some tests left to do to become approved, but the Rajani’s would swear by it. They are already planning on having another child using the same procedure.

“We do actually have two embryos that are frozen, and hopefully little Zain will have a sister or brother one day,” Natasha said.

While Augment IVF is much more expensive than traditional IVF, and we have yet to find out what effects (if any) there are on the children produced, I think it is safe to say that this procedure is a promising and exciting development for people who have trouble conceiving.


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