“And I just said, ‘Is this real life?'”


Sisters Lizzie Valverde (left) and Katy Olson [via CBS News]

We’d like to think that if we went into a writing class with a story about how we met our sibling in writing class we would be thrown out as hacks.

It’s a story almost too incredible to believe..

But this actually happened in New York. Two girls sign up for a writing class at Columbia and their whole world changes.

Their sibling story began when both signed up for a writing course at Columbia University in 2013. Neither could have imagined the tale they would end up telling — together.

It started on the first day of the class as students were introducing themselves. Something clicked for Olson when Valverde started describing her background.

“And then when she followed up with the rapid fire of more detailed personal questions like, ‘Were you given up for adoption in Tampa, Florida, to a woman named Leslie?'” Valverde said. “I was, like, woah woah woah!'”

“The room kind of froze,” she said. “And I just said, ‘Is this real life?'”

They were given up for adoption at birth, a year apart.

“I wanted to give them the best possible future they could have, and it wouldn’t have been with me as sad as it is to give up your own children,” Parker said, “but I felt that’s the best that I could give them is to let them go.”

Valverde had located Parker a few years ago, and Olson will be meeting her mother for the first time soon.

We can’t imagine how hard a decision like that must be. It appears, though, that it was the right thing for her girls, one of which (Valverde) graduated from Columbia U. Valverde will now have two extra family members at the ceremony.

What we take away from this is; treat everyone like family. They just might be family.


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