Beer is Good for You!


Now a lot of people love a drink every now and then, but some people like it a little too much. Let’s not let this article be misconstrued as an excuse to binge drink your favorite brew, absolutely nothing is good for you in excess. BUT if you are feeling guilty about knocking back a couple with your buddies, breath easy! Cause it turns out that the hop filled nectar of the gods is actually GOOD for you in moderation! YAAYYYY!

Here are some new excuses to give anyone that’s standing between you a frothy mug…


There are more than 20 well-done, large international studies that all demonstrate the heart benefits of moderate alcohol consumption. One study, conducted by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) noted a 20 to 40 percent decrease in coronary artery disease in moderate alcohol drinkers.

Drinking beer responsibly is drinking healthy. Moderate consumption of beer (alcohol) results in an increase in HDL (good cholesterol) and a decrease in LDL (bad cholesterol), along with an improvement in both HDL and LDL particle size.


A Dutch study showed a 30 percent increase in vitamin B6 in beer drinkers, which makes sense because hops are loaded with the vitamin. This is important because vitamin B6 helps to battle heart disease.  

Alcohol is also an antioxidant, which may contribute in part to the decrease in heart disease.


The Journal of Epidemiology revealed a 40 percent decrease in kidney stones among beer drinkers. This is most likely secondary to the hydration from the beer since we don’t note a similar finding with other alcohol consumption.


The National Osteoporosis Risk Assessment followed more than 200,000 females and found that drinking alcohol decreased the incidence of osteoporosis (7). All of this leads to a decrease in hip fractures in elderly females, which is important because hip fractures after the age of 65 are associated with a significant increase in mortality.

So there you have it guys (and gals)! Enjoy a couple on us! (Not literally of course, but it’s the thought…) ;D


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