I Would Like One Beak, Please

Grecia the Toucan [via]

Grecia the Toucan [via fusion.net]

People are awful sometimes. And some of them were super awful to this beautiful bird.

The 1-year-old toucan’s upper beak got hacked off by a group of miscreants who left the bird for dead after ruining his handsome face. For the past four months, the half-beaked bird has been nursed back to health at Costa Rica’s Animal Rescue Bird Zoo, where he’s learned to feed himself by scooping and guzzling mashed fruit with his lower mandible — not unlike a pelican.

Enter Science! and Awesome People. Some folks started an indiegogo campaign to get this guy a new goddamn beak.

Thanks to the collective ingenuity of Costa Rica’s tech sector, and $10,000 in funding from an Indiegogo campaign, the injured bird is about to get equipped with a new 3D-printed prosthetic beak — or “toucan dentures,” as nobody has called it.

They are going to 3-D print him a beak!

“It’s really special to be able to help an injured toucan with 3D printing technology and show the world that Costa Rica has the skills and potential to do something like this,” said Mariela Fonseca, manager of Elementos 3D, one of the three Costa Rican firms working to build the toucan a prosthetic chomper.

Currently, the good people attending to Grecia are figuring out how, exactly, to attach his new beak, and how it will impact him once they do figure out the best way to attach it. Whether humans like it or not, the bird does have a say, and he might say, “hell with this, I’m doing okay for now.”

“If we put the beak on and it stresses him out or causes any pain, it’ll be better to take it off again,” Soto told Fusion. “Because instead of improving his life, we’d be doing the opposite. But we have to try in any event.”

They are still deciding on colors for the new beak. The article mentions a Toucan Sam scheme, but I’d say let the bird decide. He may think Toucan Sam is a douche.


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