#DancingMan (Updated)

Updated below

So, some months ago, some guy was going about his night-on-the-town business of doing what people do when they’re out on the town. He was dancing. Until some fuckwads started filming him while hurling body-shaming insults at him. Here, watch.

The above video is not the original viral video. We’d like to think ‘from embarrassment’ is where the original went to die.

The original video went viral. For reasons entirely contrary to the original intent, probably. See, the Internet said, “Whoa, that shit ain’t cool. Let’s do something about it,” jammed the Awesome-mobile into gear and set out to find this man using social media and the hashtag #FindDancingMan.

The Internet being what it is, and Awesome People being what they are, he was found. The aforementioned Awesome People also decided, “this dude needs a goddamn party, so he can dance however, and for however long he wants to, without a gaggle of jerks running off at the mouth.” So, that’s what they did.

As you can see by the above video, this was a PARTY (and might still be going on!).

His name is Sean O’Brien, and he dances. As for the assholes who shot the original video, it probably sucks to be watching this guy having a fucking blast at a giant glitzy party, because of you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Stay Awesome, Internet.

Here’s a wrap-up of the party!

Also, see the dancefree movement.

[Follow Sean on twitter @DancingManFound, see more on the #dancingmanparty hashtag and the #DancingMan hashtag as well. There’s a LOT of awesome there!]


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