The Hallowedding

mrmrsfullmetalxero We’re gonna go in-house for this one. In a previous post we mentioned that there was a wedding. A wedding on Halloween. A Hallowedding, if you want (and we do!).

Pictured is our son marrying the love of his life, Crista. They were joined at an incredible Bed & Breakfast somewhere in Oklahoma.

It was a beautiful, personal ceremony, in typical Oklahoma fall weather. It was chilly and dreary, (truly, it is never not chilly and dreary in Oklahoma on Halloween) which served to highlight the bright, warm Autumn/Halloween-colored decor, and white shirts & red suspenders all us guys had to wear.

Their pastor was a pretty great guy, too. He knew just how to break the tension. He basically did this;

“Mawwiage!” he yelled, and everyone cracked up, loosened up, and watched these 2 kids get hitched.

Of course, then it was on to a Halloween themed wedding reception. With everyone in costume. The reception also featured a special guest, Adam. Check out some of Adam’s night at the party (tap any image for a slideshow);

So now we’re approaching the One Year Anniversary of this momentous event. It seems like yesterday. It also seems like yesterday when we were changing that boy’s (excuse me, man’s) diapers. Oh, how time flies. We love you both, and hope you see many more Halloweens together.

Oh, and always, always invite Adam to your Hallowedding party.


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