MQ – Nov 30th 2016

Today is National Stay at Home Because You’re Well Day, or as it is commonly known amongst the cool kids, Play Hooky Day.


“Think that you have to die someday, maybe this morning. I think of it all the time, and so I play hooky from the office and let myself bask in the sun.” ― Pascal Mercier, Night Train to Lisbon

This holiday has no agenda other than to spend a healthful day at home. What you do with it is up to you.

We do have some suggestions if you are having trouble deciding what to do.

Catch up on some reading.
Take a walk.
Get started on your Christmas cards.
Follow a toddler around all day. You do feel well, remember?
Take a friend to lunch.
Get your 2017 calendar up to date.
Try a new recipe and make extra to share with someone who wasn’t feeling well today.
Take a nap
Plan your next vacation.
Make a list of all your single friends and match them up as potential mates.
Organize all those photos on your phone.
Work on an art project.
Clean out your closet and make a donation.

Get out there, or rather in there, and do something good for you. Be well. Stay well.



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