hello, do you have a moment..

hello..to talk about Positivity?

I hope so. Look, 2016 was some bullshit. All the way to the end. 2017 may be better, but really, the next 4 years are going to be rough. At least if you care about people, and you care about those people having food, and shelter and medicine.

Anyway, it has been a shitty month or so in the macro. Not so bad in the micro.

I wanted to write this to say, let’s get positive! If things are going to be rough, and they probably will be, then we need positivity more than ever. This isn’t to ignore the shitstorm that is coming, but to use as a bulwark against it. A place to come when the fight gets to ya.

I have a couple of large-ish projects to complete here at the +af HQ, projects which are in varying degrees of progress, but when those are finished, We’re coming at 2017 hard with some Good News.

Get ready. I am.


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