If you see something, do something

Damone “D” Hudson (image via CNN)

This one comes to us via CNN. Pictured is Damone “D” Hudson, a bus driver in Dayton, Ohio. “D” was just doing his job, driving his bus, when he saw a woman in seeming distress, standing on the ledge of bridge. Instead of driving past and ignoring her, which too many are willing to do, Mr. Hudson stopped to help.

Damone “D” Hudson was driving across the Main Street Bridge in Dayton last month when he spotted the woman.
He immediately stopped the bus and started talking with her, hoping to persuade her to come back on the other side of the rail.

Mr. Hudson occupied the lady, talking to her even as he was motioning to other folks to call the police.

“First thing I could think to say to her was, ‘Ma’am you look like you’re having a bad day. You know, can I give you a hug?”

Whether she took him up on the hug, the story doesn’t say, but the police arrived and helped the lady to the non-dangerous side of the ledge.

True to the Everyday Hero, Mr. Hudson was very modest about his deeds.

“I wasn’t trying to be heroic, I just saw someone that looked like she was definitely in pain or trouble and I just wanted to make a connection,” he said.

Mr. Hudson will be honored by RTA, his employer of 24 years, for his actions. Well done, Mr. Hudson!
(if you, or anyone you know, is struggling and thinking bad things, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255).


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