Introducing: MusicEverydays

There’s a hashtag on the various social medias called #MusicMondays. While we think it is terrific that such a hashtag exists, we want to extend it to #MusicEveryday. Music, every day. With that in mind, and to get ourselves back in the habit of sitting in front of this desk every day (ha!), we’re going to throw an album a day at you.

Here’s how it is going to work. We are going to listen to all the albums we have (some 1,100+), in alphabetical order (as listed on our iPod, which, for some reason, means numbers come last), and write something positive about it. One a day. Again, this is mainly to get us back into creation mode, and hopefully, to intro you all to some music you may not have heard.

First one is coming up shortly.


hello, do you have a moment.. talk about Positivity?

I hope so. Look, 2016 was some bullshit. All the way to the end. 2017 may be better, but really, the next 4 years are going to be rough. At least if you care about people, and you care about those people having food, and shelter and medicine.

Anyway, it has been a shitty month or so in the macro. Not so bad in the micro.

I wanted to write this to say, let’s get positive! If things are going to be rough, and they probably will be, then we need positivity more than ever. This isn’t to ignore the shitstorm that is coming, but to use as a bulwark against it. A place to come when the fight gets to ya.

I have a couple of large-ish projects to complete here at the +af HQ, projects which are in varying degrees of progress, but when those are finished, We’re coming at 2017 hard with some Good News.

Get ready. I am.

i got nothin

darkness, despair, disappointment, fear and embarrassment are not conducive to positivity. taking a day or two 2 process things, and then back on the horse.

it is bleak now, but we can’t let that stop us.

Some Hashtag Goodness

The feel-good hashtag for us right now is #MakeMeSmileIn3Words. Here’s a few that indeed made us smile.

“Free Premium Weed” is mine.

As ever, see more on the twitter.

The Hallowedding

mrmrsfullmetalxero We’re gonna go in-house for this one. In a previous post we mentioned that there was a wedding. A wedding on Halloween. A Hallowedding, if you want (and we do!).

Pictured is our son marrying the love of his life, Crista. They were joined at an incredible Bed & Breakfast somewhere in Oklahoma.

It was a beautiful, personal ceremony, in typical Oklahoma fall weather. It was chilly and dreary, (truly, it is never not chilly and dreary in Oklahoma on Halloween) which served to highlight the bright, warm Autumn/Halloween-colored decor, and white shirts & red suspenders all us guys had to wear.

Their pastor was a pretty great guy, too. He knew just how to break the tension. He basically did this;

“Mawwiage!” he yelled, and everyone cracked up, loosened up, and watched these 2 kids get hitched.

Of course, then it was on to a Halloween themed wedding reception. With everyone in costume. The reception also featured a special guest, Adam. Check out some of Adam’s night at the party (tap any image for a slideshow);

So now we’re approaching the One Year Anniversary of this momentous event. It seems like yesterday. It also seems like yesterday when we were changing that boy’s (excuse me, man’s) diapers. Oh, how time flies. We love you both, and hope you see many more Halloweens together.

Oh, and always, always invite Adam to your Hallowedding party.

a long road, but finally

[tl;dr a surgery, a wedding, a move to another state, and getting used to new things took a looooong time, but we’re back]
We said “almost ready,” in June of 2015. Fucking 2015! Really, really sorry about that. We were just getting into things when everything went crazy.

First, I had a terribly annoying health issue that required surgery, and a relatively long recovery time.

Second, we took a trip to Colorado, while I was recovering, which added to the recovery time.

Third, Crista and me son got married! (On Halloween no less).

Fourth, we fell in love with Colorado, so we all decided to move here (there are 6 of us in the positiverse aka ecommap family).

That’s a lotta stuff. A lot of life changes in one year. But, we are back. Well, I am back; Crista has a new gig working with children at a prestigious children’s academy (along with my daughter). We are loving Colorado (yes, because the weed is legal!), and now that things have settled into something like a routine, I am determined to do the thing. Especially considering what’s going on here in the good ole US of A. We need positivity, kindness, and to find all the good we can, and do all the good we can, while we can.

So, to borrow from Daenerys Targaryen a little bit;

Our fathers were evil men, all of us here.
They left the world worse than they found it.
We’re not going to do that.
We’re going to leave the world better than we found it.

I know all of our fathers weren’t evil men (mine is a good dude!), we can still work to honor the sentiment, and highlight good when we find it. Which is kinda the whole point of this thing.

Stay tuned for good news.

water, everywhere

pictured: a brief moment of pretty
pictured: a brief moment of pretty

Hey guys, Xero here. I’m posting this to let y’all know that there may be light-to-zero posting until maybe next week. At least from me. Crista may still post some things, but..

We’ve had some pretty terrible weather. The area we’re in is not nearly as bad as some places below us in Texas, but still kinda bad. My garage is flooded and my backyard is a swamp. So, I have to get all that shit cleaned up. Also, there is a 50% or greater chance of even MORE rain over the nex three days.

Another thing is, Crista is planning a wedding. Her wedding. She’s pretty much on schedule, but might take a few days to dot Tees and cross Eyes and whatnot.

At any rate, we will be back very soon.

Until then, love each other.

there is love

Enjoy the next couple of days everyone. We’ll be Memorial Daying.