#MusicEveryday – 003

Adjacent to Nothing – Self Titled

We’re pretty sure the band in today’s #MusicEveryday selection wanted to call themselves “Next to Nothing.” However, since there were probably 78 bands already claiming the name, they broke out a thesaurus. Instead of Next to Nothing, we get Adjacent to Nothing.

Today’s album is the band’s self-titled debut. It is pretty typical nu-metal fare, with intelligent lyrical twists. We think we like this album so much simply by virtue of how hard it was, at the time, to find. We had to cobble it together song-by-song.

Of course, our favorite track (track 2, can you believe it?!), isn’t available on the youtube, so here’s the track “Crutch.” A pretty good representation of what’s on the album.

Adjacent to Nothing is another album that is conducive to anger management. Enjoy.


#MusicEveryday – 002

Adrift – Absolution

To sum up today’s selection of #MusicEveryday in a few words, they would be “explicitly fucking angry.” Absolution by the Florida based alt.metal band Adrift is a really heavy album. You’d expect that, We guess, considering the engine driving Adrift is the guitarist from Deicide and Cannibal Corpse.

Absolution is pretty far, musically, from Deicide and Cannibal Corpse. Pretty clean vocals, and and fairly straight-up, albeit punchy guitar make for a fist-pumping, head-banging pick-me-up when you need it.

There are a number of bands with the name “Adrift,” and this particular one, AFAWK, only has this one album. Our fave track is track 2, “You Don’t Know Me.” Since we can’t find that one, here’s track 9, called “Departure.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of #MusicEveryday. If you can find Absolution, grab it. It is well worth the listen. Loudly.

#MusicEveryday – 001

Tetrafusion – Absolute Zero

Our first installment of #MusicEveryday is the album Absolute Zero, by Tetrafusion.

Absolute Zero is an instrumental album filled with prog-rock/metal goodness. Classic, old-school keys, mixed with crunchy djenty guitars, and a jazzy, experimental vibe make for Must-Use-Headphones listening.

Here’s our fave track. Track number 2, the soaring, uplifting “Dark Matter”

We hope you enjoy Tetrafusion, and this album. Coming up next is the album Absolution by the band Adrift.

Introducing: MusicEverydays

There’s a hashtag on the various social medias called #MusicMondays. While we think it is terrific that such a hashtag exists, we want to extend it to #MusicEveryday. Music, every day. With that in mind, and to get ourselves back in the habit of sitting in front of this desk every day (ha!), we’re going to throw an album a day at you.

Here’s how it is going to work. We are going to listen to all the albums we have (some 1,100+), in alphabetical order (as listed on our iPod, which, for some reason, means numbers come last), and write something positive about it. One a day. Again, this is mainly to get us back into creation mode, and hopefully, to intro you all to some music you may not have heard.

First one is coming up shortly.